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A modern morality musical
Two vaudevillian theatre impresarios, Lucius Bielzy and Joshua Gottfried, old friends caught in an eternal love/hate relationship, rendezvous in a theatre to present a night of 5 short morality plays. They each hope to win the audience over to their opposite points of view concerning good vs. evil, etc.  Imagine a confused Adam and Pandora, a Joseph McCarthy reincarnation hoping to cast the first stone, a middle-aged woman in spiritual meltdown bordering on the obscene, a modern-day Job caught in the battle over free will, and Ed, a dead man trapped in limbo, unable to move on to his future because he cannot face his past. In this unusual, light-hearted look at man’s relationship to his cosmos, you will be laughing to tears one moment, and simply in tears the next.  ​
6-11 men/4-7 women
Double casting can be done for a number of characters as the production sees fit.

JOSHUA GOTTFRIED-A creator of morality plays and other things
LUCIUS BIELZY-A creator of morality plays and other things
WOMAN-Pandora or Eve
MAN-Adam or Prometheus
SNAKE-A Shakespearean actor in a creation story
ILLS-The character set free by the woman
JOSEPH MCCARTHY-A would-be stone thrower
PATCH-A bureaucrat in Mr. Bielzy’s Department of Reclamation
SISTER PRESCOTT-A woman in need of truth and a good rest
JOB-A man who just wants to see a play, not be in one
FRIEND 1-Job’s “friend”
FRIEND 2-Job’s other “friend”
CHARITY-A woman looking for someone
ED 55-65-A man looking for home
MAN 20-25-A mysterious stranger

The action takes place in Eternity and the present. The set requires only a large box that Snake can get in and out of. It stays on stage the entire play.


Oh, That I Were a Pilgrim                                          Singers
The Box                                                                         Snake
Courage and Greed                                                    Ills
Did You Know Joe McCarthy                                    Bielzy
I Will Be A Rock                                                           Singers
I Like Sin                                                                       Sister Prescott and chorus
Oh, That I Could Fly Away                                         Singers
That Job He Was A Righteous Man                          Friend 1 & 2
When I was Young                                                      Job
Moonlight Lullaby                                                      Charity
The Old Muddy River                                                 Singers
The Old Muddy River reprise                                   Singer
The Old Muddy River reprise 2                                Singers