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a halloween musical
​In the wee hours of Halloween night Agnes Malloy is beset by 5 horned witches who are bent on taking over her household and making a witch of her. She will need all the courage she can muster and the help of a wandering Bard to outwit the witches of Slieve Namon. a fun short Halloween musical for all ages.
(2 men/5 women)

The Bard- a traveling Bard who follows the Fenian woman to thwart their evilness.
Agnes Malloy- a young farm wife who’s husband has gone to war and who takes care of her young baby.
Esther O’Conner/Terribilla- a gossip and a witch
Mary O’Brian/Horribilla- a gossip and a witch
Beatrice O’Leary/Temptura- a gossip and a witch
Tommy O’Leary/Taboola- Beatrice's son and a witch
Althea O’Mallis/Bresilla- a gossip and a witch

Time and Setting; Ireland 19th century.

Song List
1. Lullaby-------------------------------------------------------Agnes
2. Doom, Despair and Misery--------------------------------Esther, Mary, Beatrice, Althea
3. Moon Like a Whisper--------------------------------------The Witches
4. Lullaby reprise----------------------------------------------Agnes
5. Mama, What Would You Do-----------------------------Agnes
6. Lullaby reprise----------------------------------------------Agnes
7. Moon Like a Whisper-------------------------------------- Esther, Mary, Beatrice, Althea,