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This concert version of the full-length musical Pioneer Song, tells the story of the Oregon Trail as seen through the eyes of the women who made that trek. Using narrative, scenes and original music, the Great Bear Folk Theatre helps you experience the journey first-hand. As the saying went , “The men counted the miles, the women counted the graves.”
Family-friendly stories and songs of the season, featuring three goblin brothers, talking cats, a taily po (you’ll have to hear the tale to learn what it is), a horde of pumpkin-stealing bandits and more. Let the Great Bear Folk Theatre treat you to a show full of tricks, tales and music.
Stories and songs to chill your bones and break your heart. A night of haunted tales and ghostly music, meant to frighten you just enough that you’ll only be looking over your shoulder for a little while! The Corpse Bride, Bloody MacKenzie, The Robber Bridegroom, our own personal experiences with the macabre and more, all come together to bring you a night you’ll never forget, no matter how hard you try!

Molly Whirlwind
and the Great Bear
and other western stories

Our mix of American tall-tales, featuring Molly Whirlwind, the only one who can rid an old town of their “Great Bear” problem, Professor Figmire Ferdmire, a mixed up folklore specialist who can do nothing but botch it up, to a Boogeyman, who learns not to mess with a strong-willed widow, these tales combined with classic American folksongs will have you in stitches. Tandem telling at its best.
Have you ever gazed up at the stars and been filled with wonder? This show features music, folktales and original stories, to bring the wonder of the night sky to life.
Have you ever felt lost in a mirror? Using folktales and personal stories of struggle and triumph, Lori will guide you down the path of the crone: That elusive journey toward inner beauty and wisdom.
Nothing is more Celtic than a well-told tale. Whuppity Stoorie, The Girl Who Was Afraid of Nothing, King of the Cats and more come to life when told by the Great Bear Folk Theatre. With a bit of blarney, a Scottish manly man, a goblin conquering girl, leprechauns, and the fair folk, we’ll have you laughing the whole time. Add some classic celtic folk music, and you’ll have an evening well spent. May the road rise up to meet you.