Lori and Omar Hansen's
Great Bear Folk Theatre

Take a look at all the plays and musicals available for you to produce. Click on any play or musical for more information, and to listen to the music. Then email us with any questions about production, royalties or to order scripts. email us at [email protected]

Our purchase prices through 2019
Educational and Amateur production;
Perusal PDF of any of our plays is free. Upon liscencing you can copy the perusal script sufficient for your production needs.
Royalty for plays is $50.00 per performance.
Royalty for musicals is $125.00 per performance.
Musical scores PDF and Musical performance CD is $200.00 for both.
For professional productions please email us for information.

Ruth, a disillusioned widow of the 1850’s, must face the heartache and difficulties of crossing the Oregon trail to ultimately find joy, “a song,” in the west.
Pioneer Song
What if God and Satan created a night of musical theatre? Two theatrical emprasorios create a series of 5 morality plays In a night of humorous and poignant dialectics that question the nature of life and the cosmos.
Bielzy and Gottfried
Clever Jack loves Sari Farmer, but he’s the poorest boy in town. He goes on a quest to find the treasure of the Bremen Town pirates in order to win Sari's hand. Fortunately, he is accompanied by a cat, a chicken, a dog and a horse, as well as Sari in disguise to thwart  Willard, the evil pig who is bound and determined to thwart Jack's fondest dreams. 
Clever Jack and the Pirates
This Castle Needs a Good Scouring
A Cinderella who loves to clean, a miserly king, a wickedstepmama  looking for love, a greek chorus and a whole new look at the Cinderella story.
October Witches
In the wee hours of Halloween night, Agnes Malloy is beset by 5 horned witches who are bent on taking over her household and making a witch of her. She will need all the courage she can muster and the help of a wandering bard to outwit the witches of Slieve Namon. A fun, short Halloween musical for all ages.
The Crone's Revenge
In this comic play within a play, six 19th century actors tell the story of Katherine Grady, a proper young English woman who finds the strength within herself to thwart the wicked advances of an amorous sea captain, unscrupulous civic authorities, Macbethian witches, and a variety of numbskulls, all while finding true love. Think 39 Steps meets The Crucible.
The Horrible Monster of Danky Swamp
The town of Prissy Point is beset by a terrible monster. The sheriff and the city council have left and it seems as if no one will step forward to save the town. But hark, Serenity Braveheart, a true American woman, is up to the task. With the help of her somewhat reluctant but love starved cousins, Sissy and Tallulah, (as well as their mother and Angus Largehead) they forge into the forest of Danky Swamp to face their destiny. In the dark forest they must face more than they bargained for: a devious witch, the monster, fear and (dare we mention it?) true love.  But good must prevail and evil vanquished.​    
The Wildman
Brave Reginald must find a way to thwart the Wildman who has no heart and who holds captive Reginald's brothers, their fiancés and Reginald’s own true love. With the help of a wolf, an otter, and a raven, he finds the heart of the Wildman and frees those he loves. Based on the Danish folktale "The Giant Who Had no Heart."