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Molly Whirlwind and the Great Bear

Enjoy the tale that gave us our name, a crazy history lesson, silly trolls and a talking cat.

Molly Whirlwind and the Great Bear
The Girl Who Was Afraid of Nothing
King of the Cats
History According to Figmire Ferdmire
w/The Fox, and a bonus tune: I’m a Pig
Becoming an Honorary Crone

Lori’s one-woman storytelling show celebrating women, as they go from maiden to mother to crone.

The Three Fates
Fine, Fine
The Little Mermaid
The Three Spinners
 Grocery Stories, or Four Women Who Chose Life
Mama’s Hands
The Selkie and other Wonder Tales

Some of our favorite stories:

13 Makes a Dozen
The Fisherman and his Wife
K’uei, the Ugliest God
The Great Christmas Cat
The Selkie
And Omar’s tribute to his father: Misty Moisty Morning

by Lori Prescott Hansen

Use these quilt blocks to create your own story quilt. Each block has a different picture, all meant to inspire stories, encourage young tellers, and prompt memories!  Simple to sew.  If you can sew a quarter inch seam, you can make a quilt!
Coming soon: Completed miniature quilts for sale.
And a Youtube tutorial to help the beginning quilter.